Sunday, November 30, 2008

From Milly’s to Tenerife

Holiday Diary Part I

Sorry, we had lots of spare time on the cruise ship, so I wrote loads of stuff with which to bore readers senseless about what I did on my holidays...

"Yours truly awoke on the morning of departure with a monstrous hangover which was entirely BathNick’s fault. BathNick is just the man for the job if you want to pretend that you’d like to meet up for a swift pint or two before toddling off to bed at your mother-in-law’s, when what you mean is you’d like to get utterly plastered and turn up at Milly’s in something approaching a disgraceful state.

Here’s the culprit in action over the first pint of the evening alongside Mrs The Millbrooker:
And later in the evening, here’s me doing the old “do you want to stroke my cock?” joke with BathNick’s lovely lady, Zena:
After moaning gently to myself and rocking back and forth for a while in vain hope of some sympathy, I was bundled unceremoniously into the Millymobile and we set off for Bristol Airport where a cure for my sad condition was procured at vast expense in Dexter’s restaurant: One flight, one shockingly expensive on-board cup of tea and one unidentifiable piece of meat in an airline meal later, we hit the ground at Tenerife. We’ve not been there before and didn’t see any of it to make any sort of judgement really; just the coach to the port of Santa Cruz, which looked nice enough from the dockside before we boarded the ship; our home for the next week.

Here’s Trickers admiring the view along with Mrs The Millbrooker and Milly shortly after boarding, having clambered up to the mis-named “sun” deck; it was a wet and windy day in the Canaries.
What else can be said about that day? We ate, we drank a bit more, we promenaded around deck, we slunk into bed.

Speaking of promenading, this is the party (minus me) partaking of that fine cruising activity (note puddles on deck due to Tenerife’s English style wetness - although it was a great deal warmer). Holiday proper begins tomorrow…."

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