Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Feasting Begins Early In Duloe

The Wizzers of Soz and her bro' The Depitty were in evidence yesterday at the first of the festive bashes - Rosemary's early Christmas dinner at Duloe.

This, though, is the only shot I got with both of them in the frame; in this instance slightly separated by the irrepressible Harry as we settled down for a yummity meal of mozzarella salad starters and roasted peasant mains.I'm not entirely sure where Rosemary and Harry are able to source such tasty peasants, it's probably just that they have more of the old feudal spirit about them in the Looe Valley area and gladly offer themselves up in the name of seasonal goodwill.

Rosemary had prepped up the table beautifully, and even more importantly had decorated it with a plentiful supply of good red stuff.

The lunch was, as expected, delicious; in the event that you get the opportunity to chomp on some of Rosemary's legendary cooking, don't even think of turning it down. Her's damned fine in the kitchen, her is.

Here she is, just after slaving hard over a hot Harry and finally getting to sit down and eat:
Speaking of Harry - he was of course, more or less, on Planet Harry (population: one) for most of the afternoon:Shortly after stuffing ourselves silly, Rosemary took us out to her storage unit (look - you have to make your own entertainment in Duloe) where she keeps her very large Mary and Joseph. She's made them with a friend of hers to be carried around with candles up their jacksies in a night time parade in Looe. I think it's the figures that get carried around with candles up their jacksies, not Rosemary and her friend, but it might be worth going along to check it out anyway. (18 December starting at West Looe Square and making its way through most of town, not sure of the start time)Up until now, I've failed to note that we were not the only guests; John and Sue were also in attendance. They've appeared on these pages before, but it was over a year ago, so if you've forgotten who they are, you can click here for an introduction.

This is they, with John about to entertain us with his new composition "The Credit Crunch Song". The song is now available on YouTube, the video isn't of very good quality, sadly. My little camera isn't really made to take decent videos, but - hey the song's there and John will now undoubtedly receive offers of million pound recording contracts by the dozen. Just click the link above to see the vid and hear the song.The afternoon took quite a musical turn as Harry's assorted ukuleles were passed around and those of us with pretensions to musicianship had a bash at plinking out a tune.

One of Harry's instruments is an EleUke - yep, an electric tenor ukulele. Now, that's fun. It makes some great heavy metal noises. This is yours truly thrashing out my party piece "Beware of the Flowers..." - one of my all-time musical hero John Otway's early tunes, as Harry attempts a completely unrehearsed accompaniment from the other sofa (is that a euphemism?).There is no video of me, you'll be delighted to hear, but if you want to hear how the song should sound, as performed by the master himself on his horizontally opposed twin neck guitar, try clicking here. Go on, you know you want to.

Mrs The Millbrooker and Wizzers joined in the music making, showing off their renowned vocal skills, again no vid - you'll have to imagine the voices from the evidence supplied in this shot from which Wizzers is absent, although Mrs The Millbrooker is giving it some welly with Rosemary whilst The Depitty tries hard to look as if it's his scene:As always, time marches on and The Depitty had to leave to ride his moped back to Newquay; Mrs The Millbrooker, The Wizzers of Soz and I had to wend our way back to Millbrook - sated with lovely grub and awash with wine (ok - that was only me) having had a great time being silly with stringed thingies.

Naturally, huge thanks go to Rosemary for all her hard work and hospitality - we had a smashing time. Also to Harry for his contributions to the feast (I think he re-did some caramel after being blamed for some kitchen misfortune and he also did the scrummy starter).

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