Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Depitty Rides Into Town

Young Depitty Dawg paid a visit to his old home at Millbrooker Towers over the weekend, having ridden his plastic encased moped up to Bath to see his pa beforehand.

But the main purpose of his gadding about from his new abode in Newquay was to head into the far northern hinterlands of Birmingham for the NEC motorbike show.

I went there back in my biking days, and spent a happy few hours sitting on large expensive machinery and making brrm brrm noises to myself.

The Depitty is more practical than me, though; he spent at least some of time at the show perusing the stalls in search of bargain priced kit and returned home with a sparkling new skid-lid and a very trendy two piece armoured waterproof suit:

He tells me that the camouflage pattern is made up of reflective material, so he'll stand out like a Christmas tree in any passing tin-tops' headlamp glare.

I bet he still spent a fair bit of time sitting on large expensive machinery going "brrrm brrrm", though.

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