Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Insight Adventures

Just in case you've not heard enough about holidaying...

I've just finished recording the next instalment of the monthly(ish) Insight Radio "Adventure" with Simon Pauley. This time I'm wittering on about cruising (of course), a bit about some of the places we've seen and more importantly how being visually impaired affects such things.
If you're not doing much on this coming Friday at about ten past ten in the morning, you might like to tune in at http://www.insightradio.co.uk/ or (if you're in Glasgow) on 101FM. Sky subscribers (why would you do that?) can get to listen on channel 0188.
Once I've got my edited version (minus the ums, ahs and other unwelcome tics) I'll upload to the iLike site as well.
This'll be the last recording this year, so I had to wish the listeners a "Merry Christmas"; good God, I've barely thought about the dreaded C-word myself yet.

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