Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Millbrookian Star

For anyone who gets a copy of the Plymouth Theatre Royal programme of events plop through their letterbox, this will be old news indeed, but there you go; The Daily(ish) Millbrook isn't renowned for its speedy reporting.

Readers of long standing might remember me re-christening the youngest step child "Ivy" because of her relationship with one young Ollie. (Newer readers - work it out for yourselves). Well Ollie went the way of most young loves, and Ivy went through a few name changes on these pages before re-emerging as The Wizzers of Soz. Here's Ollie and Ivy on new Year's Eve 2006
But I digress from the actual point of these witterings. Imagine Mrs The Millbrooker's and my surprise, as we leafed through the Theatre Royal booklet, to be faced with a large photo of said Ollie advertising a play - "For King And Country".
Now, personally, I think I liked the jazz pants and Lennon shades image better, but it probably didn't do as much for his actorly career.

The play wot Ollie's in is in the main auditorium for six performances from 25th Feb until the 28th (matinees Fri and Sat); loyal Millbrookians might like to think about supporting one of their own and getting a ticket. Prices start at £12 for the Friday matinee, and max out at £20 for the best seats on Saturday night. Bargain.

You can read all about it on the Theatre Royal's website; tickets are also available from the link, of course. Well done, Ollie - hope you're enjoying the grind of rehearsals and that the show is a triumph.

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