Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Christmas Treat from Dong & Shazzerooneypoos

Mrs The Millbrooker and I ventured out into the wild night life of Millbrook yesterday evening for the first time since something like mid September.

Our apparent hibernation hasn't been because we've been feeling unsociable; it's purely based on trying to keep our finances on the straight and incredibly narrow through the current testing times. Don't think we're destitute - we're just keeping our pennies to ourselves at the moment; as is much of the population, I believe.

Anyway - Dong and Shazzerooneypoos kindly offered to buy us dinner at the D&C as a Christmas present, so along we jolly well trogged and took advantage of their spurt of generosity.

Here's yours truly guiltily enjoying a prawn cocktail starter (note the paucity of starters on the table - the rest of the party are lightweights who claim to be unable to cope with three courses):It should probably be noted that the diet is most definitely off for the festive season and the extra poundage is starting to show again - ah, well.

Mains soon came along and Mrs The Millbrooker happily conducted her chips in a short except from The Messiah; we know how to have a wild old time in Millbrook, you know:It was Steak Night at the D&C, so the choices from the menu were red-meat oriented; fine by me. Russell doesn't forget the veggie and fish-preferring members of the congregation at the Tabernacle Church of Ale and Pub-Grub, though. There's plenty for them too. But our wee party stuck to the dead cow options - here's Dong making motions over his rump (always a good image to keep with you):

I recommend the Steak Night experience highly - the next one is on 21st Jan; booking is probably a good idea. For every two people eating together, you get a bottle of house wine included, as well; VFM or what?

It felt great to be down at the old D&C again; Russell welcomed us like long-lost friends and we'll be down there again a few times over the Christmas season, I'd have thought.

After a couple of bottles of red we all toddled up to Shazzerooneypoos' clifftop abode for a night-cap, where we were delighted to discover Auntie Sharon's squeeze for Dong-less nights in the shape of her hottie-bottle cover:Now, who was it said that growing older is compulsory, but growing up is not?

Dong and The Little Lush One are Christmassing overseas again this year, so last night's probably the last we'll see of them until after the Big Day - have a smashing time, guys, and thank you for the lovely evening out.

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