Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Reasons to go biking...

The Depitty rode into Millbrook unexpectedly this afternoon.
"I've just come around to see if there's any lunch going," he calmly announced.

"I'm thinking of getting a new bike," he equally calmly announced almost in the same breath.

Mrs The Millbrooker and I both asked exactly the same question in response to this.

"How can you afford it?"

The Depitty is, after all, a student without visible means of support.

However, he reckons he can get the dosh together, so good luck to him, say I.

Meanwhile I started looking for images to show Mrs The Millbrooker what a Suzuki SV650 looks like (this being his chosen new steed if it all comes together).

Can I suggest typing "Suzuki SV650" into google image search? You'll get a fair few photos of motorbikes (SV650s mostly, ho hum). On the first page you'll also get this delightful pair of shots which do not feature a Suzuki SV650 at all:
For anyone interested in what a Suzuki SV650 looks like, this is the one that The Depitty has expressed an interest in:
On second thoughts, scroll back up again - the wobbly buttocks are far more entertaining in my 'umble.
Wobbly bottom photos from here.
Yellow SV650 photo from here.

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