Friday, December 12, 2008

Merry Christmas From Bern The Lens

One of the highlights of any Christmas preparations is getting a card from Bern the Lens; every year he selects one of his finest shots and those of us lucky enough to be counted amongst his chums get a cracking card which becomes an instant collectors' item.

This year, he's also sent me an electronic version of the photo he's used. feast your eyes on this one:
I quote from Bern's message about the photo: "The train is Fort William Bound, just starting the climb away from the Coast passing Loch Dubh - the literal translation from the Gaelic is the Black Loch."
The inside of the card itself also gives a bit of info: "76001 climbs past Loch Dubh...12 October 2008"
Great stuff, my thanks to my erstwhile colleague and current mate Bern the Lens. You can see lots of his work by clicking this link.

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