Saturday, December 27, 2008

Right, That's Chistmas Done.

I don't expect that Christmas in Millbrooker Towers was very different to Christmas in a myriad other houses throughout Millbrook (and probably in some other places as well).
We rose mid morning; Milly and Trickers arrived around midday; we had a trio of poorly people occupying the sofa:
Yep - my revolting germs spread like wildfire through the household in the days leading up to Christmas Day itself; only The Wizzers of Soz remained healthy and bright-eyed. Mrs The Millbrooker did what Mrs The Millbrookers do and soldiered on through her snuffles and woes.

Despite the house becoming a temporary sanatorium for the stuffed-up and feverish, we did actually have a jolly fine time of it, thanks for asking.

The traditional over-eating got underway with a jolly nice Lemon Fourre:
...and continued with plate loads of roast venison washed down with some pretty decent Bordeaux.

My first attempt at making Christmas pudding (normally Mrs The Millbrooker's territory) met with approval, especially amongst the younger members of the family, one of whom had never before eaten any Christmas pudding at all:Presents were exchanged - Trickers and Milly very kindly gave me a starter kit from their own supplies for brewing our own Cumberland Brandy, expect bottles of suspiciously strong liquor to start appearing at Millbrooker Towers in the not-too-distant future. The biscuits I made are mostly now no longer of this world, or at least not in their original form.

Boxing Day saw the slightly healthier and more intrepid amongst us trekking out to Cremyll for an ale at The Edgcumbe; it was bitterly cold and, very seasonally, there was no room at the inn; Wizzers and her man-of-the-moment Merryn took turns to ask if they were having fun yet as the icy Siberian blasts sliced through our winter woollies from across the Tamar:Boxing night saw us enjoying a Milly-sponsored dinner at The Liscawn , where it was much less crowded and we didn't have to sit outdoors. The food was pretty damned good, too.So, that was Christmas...

Next up: a few days hiatus in the whirlwind of festive shenanigans followed by the almost traditional New Year's Eve "At Home" in Millbrooker Towers and then a bloody cold New Year's Day in Cawsand Bay.

Speaking of "At Home" - it's the same form as previous years. If you know where Millbrooker Towers is and we've got a rough idea of who you are, the door will be open from around 7:30 onwards. Please drop in for a drink (or two) and perhaps a nibble of something yummy.

As always it's entirely informal, drop-in-drop-out, come-and-go-as-you-please. Some people will drop by for a quick drink and then head off elsewhere, some will intend to do that and then stay for the duration, some will arrive intending to stay and then decide to go to the's all ok by us. See you there?

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Chrissie said...

Hi guys :)
Having party with the kiddiewinks tonight so would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy, happy, relaxed and fulfilling from Chrissie and Kev xx