Saturday, January 24, 2009

After a long day...

After a long day, in my case slaving over a hot ticket machine and in Mrs The Millbrooker's struggling through the current rescheduling of the railway timetable, it's often best to simply admit that you don't want to cook an evening meal - hang the expense and let's eat out.

This was most definitely the case in the Millbrooker Towers household on Thursday night. Yes, I know it's now Saturday but I've been busy, alright?

To cut a long story short we broke open the piggy bank and went to sample, once again, the delights of Russell and Mark's hospitality at the dear old D&C.

Here's Mrs The Millbrooker enjoying a Cask Marqued and thoroughly yummy pint of Otter Best:As I've mentioned before, in these credit crunching times we're not as frequently in the ale house as we used to be, but as always we were welcomed like long lost friends by mein hosts and we enjoyed our meals so much that we forgot to take a photo of them in all their glory - so you'll just have to use your imagination from the remains. Thanks to Russell and Mark for their unfailing hospitality (and generosity in offering us a Steak Night deal even though it wasn't Steak Night).Fellow Millbrookians will, of course, know everything they want to about the D&C - for any foreigners reading, if you're in the area and fancy a meal out (or even just a couple of pints of some of the best kept ale on the peninsula) here's the contact details:

The Devon & Cornwall Hotel
1 West Street
PL10 1AA

tel 01752 822320

Go on, give them a ring and have a treat of a meal - you know you want to. You might even meet some of the Millbrook Glitterati who pop up on these pages so often!

Cheers, me dears.

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