Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Film Club Advanced Warning vol II

Frankenkeith seemed to like the idea of being forewarned about which piece of celluloid history we are going to show at Film Club, so here's news of the DVD that I already have in my sweaty little mitts fresh from Cinema Paradiso.

This Sunday's offering will be Luc Besson's 1990 thriller "Nikita".Besson is responsible for one of my favourite Film Club viewings "Angel-A" and also for the brilliantly questioning morality tale of "Leon".

Nikita was well received at release, and got remade as "The Assassin" (AKA The Point of No Return) starring Bridget Fonda only two years later, so the story at least received a wider audience than most European films.

Happy researching, Frankenkeith. See you Sunday, Film Clubbers, for a mildly less boozy affair than the last one!

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