Thursday, January 15, 2009

Angry Now

Once again our darling government has broken promises.

Once again the narrow self interest of a few hugely well remunerated and utterly self-centred individuals has been put ahead of the welfare, the safety and the long-term future of the ordinary person.

Bastards.When Heathrow pushed through its plans to build a fourth terminal, the agreements reached with government guaranteed that there would be no further expansion. Then BAA and BA decided they needed to have a fifth terminal. Answer - tear up the agreements, push and bully anyone in the way and build a new terminal.

Once BAA got the go ahead for the fifth terminal, there was an absolute promise on all sides that Heathrow would not expand any further at all, no matter what.

Now the craven, arse-licking so-called Labour government has rolled over to the demands of the fat bastards in charge of a big business. Heathrow will get its third runway. In the process thousands of people will be forced to move home. They're the lucky ones.

Thousands more will be offered no compensation at all but will find their houses abut the new runway, aeroplanes will be landing and taking off metres away from their walls.

The number of flights in and out is set to increase from an already far too high 480,000 a year to a massive 700,000! Spot the carbon emissions problem, not to mention the noise pollution.

But none of that matters - after all, Colin Matthews (BAA's Chief Exec, below) needs a bigger bonus package doesn't he?

Where does this leave the governments "green" credentials; its target to reduce emissions to help slow the rate of climate change? In tatters is where. Don't let any of the sanctimonious liars tell you that they give two hoots for the environment, nor for anyone earning less than a vast fortune.

After this, frankly, they can shove admonitions to recycle, to drive less, to insulate, to use less power or water right up where the sun don't shine; nothing we ordinary people can do will make the slightest scintilla of a difference. This world is going to sink into chaos and war during massive sea level rises and/or water shortages caused by huge carbon emissions and ridiculous over-inflated lifestyles, and Brown along with his exceedingly dim cabinet are fiddling like Nero.

I pity our children and grand children; they'll be in that chaos and those wars. We'll be in the ground and our names will be mud.

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