Thursday, January 15, 2009

RP Fighting Blindness

A quick word about the charity that I jumped into Cawsand Bay for on New Year's Day.
RP Fighting Blindness is the subject of this week's Radio 4 appeal and is being fronted by Jeremy Vine. Vine's explanation of the nature and effects of RP is succinct and well worth listening to if you want a basic understanding of the condition (the one that means I get to sweep small children away with my white stick).
If you'd like to hear the appeal, just click here.

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Frankenkeith said...

Hi Joshua,

I looked at the link to the appeal again. It leads to the BBC iPlayer with a picture and a banner saying the programme is not available yet.
However below the picture is a "Show Information" button and this leads to the Appeal webpage with a list of previous appeals. So, I have heard it now. Thanks for last night (and much of this morning!) Hope you made it to work. Frankenkeith