Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cousin Dave Needs Your Help (Volume II)

Do you remember, about a year ago, I drivelled on incessantly about trying to get Cousin Dave nominated for a prize in the prestigious National Warm Glass Sculpture competition?


Oh well, then; I'll explain it again.

The Warm Glass Prize is contested nationally and is intended to help talented students like Dave gain some recognition for their work. Last year Millbrook's favourite cousin gained a runner up place. This year, he's hoping for one better.

The way it works is that he needs everyone who can do so to vote for him so that he reaches the last few entries to be physically judged by the panel of experts. Only those entries with the most votes from us (the public) get that far - so please click on this link, find Cousin Dave's entry which looks like this:

To find the entry, check the photos on the left hand side of your screen; at the moment it's on the second page of photos at number 18 (nothing to do with its ranking - just where it's digitally stored). Click on the photo of David Roberts' entry to enlarge it.

All you then need to do is enter your email address and "submit". Hey presto, one massive favour done for Cousin Dave and one boost to a potentially brilliant career. I might be cheating a bit, but if you've got more than one email address....

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