Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jolliness Arrives at Millbrooker Towers

Mrs The Millbrooker and I don't see either of the Jolly Rogers Boys very often; they live in deepest, darkest Cheam and we don't have cause to go to that part of our fair country very often.

Similarly, they rarely have cause to venture down country to these parts.

So we're very pleased to be playing host to Jolly Roger Number One (or is it Two?) - anyway the older of the pair - as he plies his trade of building matchstick models for children in an attempt to get them to understand how to construct a perfect model of the Taj Mahal next time their on the beach. Or something.

Here he is (on the right) enjoying a later-in-the-evening-than-advisable tipple as The Depitty entertains by precariously balancing his pudding bowl on the arm of his perch:How on earth the Jolly Roger managed to emerge from his slumbers shortly after 6 this morning to get to the stick-building-demonstration venue, I shall never know. But he's not here in Millbrooker Towers as I write so he must have made it somehow.

The Depitty is in town to get his steed re-shod; a pair of most attractive motorbike tyres are currently cluttering up our sitting room awaiting the farrier who will affix them securely to his yellow mount. The Depitty rode from Newquay with the things strapped to his back yesterday - I know, there's no accounting for it.Similarly, there doesn't appear to be much accounting for taste in shoelaces, either. Once again The Depitty surprised us all, this time with a pair of flashing light-up trainer laces:Right - I'm off to play with our front door which is need of attention as I found it impossible to open and escape to get the paper this morning without dismantling the lock; ho hum...

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