Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The latest episode in my bid for world domination of the airwaves has been recorded. Indeed this very morning at the unfeasibly early time for a media-type, the sex-god that is Simon Pauley ......of Insight Radio's Morning Mix programme called Millbrooker Towers to record a chat with yours truly about the stupid thing I did on New Year's Day. That is to say running into the water at Cawsand when it was plainly bleedin' cold.

Should anyone want to listen to Simon's expertly edited version of my endless witterings you can tune in (turn on, drop out...) on Friday morning at just a shade before 10:10 when you'll get my dulcet tones for ten minutes or so. This time lots of Daily(ish) Millbrook favourites get a mention, including The Sump (cos he went in the water as well), Dong, Shazzerooneypoos and Liability all get a brief look in.

You can find Insight Radio simply by clicking here.

Or by typing into your web browser.

Should you be one of those odd people who insist on paying Rupert Murdoch some of your hard-earned, you can tune into SKY channel 0188.

Should you have neither the time nor the inclination to listen as it's broadcast, I will get an MP3 copy sometime soon which I'll get up onto the interweb as quickly as I can. Which, of course, you can also completely ignore if such is your wont.

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