Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Now, that was a busy few days

Have you missed me?

I last stuck something up on these pages what seems like half a lifetime ago; if you've been clicking on and hoping for some new snippet of nonsense since the 30th of January only to find that same old photo of the late great Bill Frindall, I can only apologise for your incipient boredom - for which I take, oooh, half a percent of the blame.

Anyway, I've been doing back-to-back stupidly long shifts, so haven't had the will nor the desire to sit and pour drivel out into the ether.

But never fear - I'm now once again sitting in front of the old laptop streaming my consciousness for all its worth.

We'll begin with a minor celebration that took place here at Millbrooker Towers on Sunday last, just before we showed this week's film club presentation:From L-R above you see Slocombe, Frankenkeith and Mrs The Millbrooker toasting the moving-on of an esteemed leader of mine at work. We got out the bubbly to celebrate the departure to pastures new of one of First Great Western's finest; I'm sure that the new pastures in question will welcome the changes with as much enthusiasm as did we.

Now will I manage to get on with the new man at my home station?

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