Friday, January 30, 2009

Bill Frindall

As I awoke from my afternoon slumbers today (I've just finished a run of stupid-o'clock-in-the-morning shifts), I learned on the news of the death from Legionnaires Disease of the great Bearded Wonder, Bill Frindall.The Bearded Wonder had kept score for Test Match Special since 1969 and had at his fingertips a goldmine of fascinating (if ultimately useless) information; he'd often interject into the commentary with a "did you realise..." comment. For example, "did you realise that's only the second time this century that an England batsman coming in at number three has hit a four from his fifth ball?"

I exaggerate and I made that one up, but the man was a truly a wonder and carved himself a marvellous niche as the keeper of all things statistical about cricket for the radio. Here he is in the TMS commentary box with Arnie Sidebottom (left) and the evergreen Aggers (centre): So long, Bill, as we all once said of the late great Brian Johnston - "summers will never be the same".

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