Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rame Peninsula Gig of the Year: Tickets On Sale

Ok, ok - I know I bang on about the eternally groovy Gigspanner boys, so I'll make this a short one.

Debs has sent us an email to let us know that tickets are now on sale via Peter Knight's website for the gig at Kingsand on the 19th June.

I've said it before and, dammit, I'll say it again: we don't get musicians of this quality down in these here parts very often; the fact that Peter, Roger and Vincent have almost adopted the Rame Peninsula as a second home makes us fortunate indeed.
Tickets are priced at a pifflingly tiny £10 a pop if you buy in advance which I strongly recommend you do (this will sell out, trust me) plus a P&P fee of £1.50 per order. To buy yours, just click here which will take you straight to the right page on Peter's website.

Whilst I'm banging on about Gigspanner again, their debut album, Lipreading The Poet, has been out for a while now and if you haven't got yourself a copy you should be thinking seriously about doing so. You can buy one from this link.

I'll start hassling the usual suspects and blogstars in the not too distant future into parting with a tad of their hard-earned in return for tickets for the 19th June - you have been warned!

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BathNick said...

Jolly good show old bean. The day has been duly diarized!! Tee Hee. NickC