Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Birding in Trebrivan

Just a wee selection of the ludicrously numerous species of feathery jobbies that visited our patio on the frosty mornings during our February break at Le Bout de Sac. Every one of these shots was taken from the kitchen at the house which overlooks the rear patio and open countryside beyond.

None of the birds is a rarity but it's always a joy watching them hopping around, grubbing for breakfast. It's also one of those immense time wasters - I spent hours just sitting and looking out of the back door. I sometimes think that I've got ridiculous interests for a bloke who can't see properly; often I can't identify the birds until I've taken the photo and then zoomed in - but it keeps me amused.
In order of appearance below: a blue tit, a blackbird, a robin, a female chaffinch (with dunnock in foreground), a dunnock, a wren.

(all photos by yours truly, taken Feb 2009)

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