Monday, March 09, 2009

Slocombe's Ecstasy

Nine times out of ten, after an evening's enjoyment of decent wine a good company, I can't accurately remember any good quotations to post on these pages. (Collective sigh of relief from most residents of Millbrook).

I also subscribe to the civilizing influence that is drunkards etiquette: "anything that happens after midnight is never spoken of again".

Sometimes, though, someone manages to not make it to midnight before saying something they might regret. Sometimes, I manage to remember what they said.

So, I'm pleased to report that Slocombe considered Shazzerooneypoos' edible contribution to Film Club last night to be, and I quote, "better than sex".
Now, I have no idea with whom Slocombe last made the beast with two backs, but I'm sure they will be delighted that he considered a large chilli pepper stuffed with feta cheese to be the superior experience. I wonder if he always makes that face at the crucial moment...

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