Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spinner Makes A Record

Down here in Millbrook my dear old mate Anal is mostly known as "Spinner" because of his role of that name in a murder mystery party that we held here at Millbrooker Towers umpteen and a half years ago.

Anal is one of my oldest mates, we've been knocking around together for the better part of twenty years; we date back to when I still had pretensions to being a rock star. He's one of those clever buggers who can play musical instruments properly having spent much time practising and working hard at plinking six (and four) strings; we spent years gigging and recording alongside Bruce Treasure (of SubHumans) as "Family Fruitbowl", all to no great success. We had fun, though.

Anyway, what I'm going to get at is that Anal has bought himself an 8 track recording facility (me, jealous? - not a bit. Harrumph). Upon said machinery he's recorded a ditty of his own making, a CD of which plopped onto the doormat this morning courtesy of Royal Mail, or more specifically Don the Postie. I reckon it's well worth a listen (or I wouldn't have posted it, duh).

Here it is accompanied by some fairly random shots of the man himself to keep you amused. Do give it a spin - Anal' s style is idiosyncratic and thus right up my street; he bills this song as "homage to Robyn Hitchcock".


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