Monday, April 13, 2009

...And Then Three Come Along At once

I've not heard from our good friend Bern the Lens for a while; I think he's been hibernating out on the edges of Dartmoor.
But, just like waiting for a bus (nothing happens for ages and then three come along at once), the legendary photographer of Buckland Monachorum has made up for lost time with a missive featuring three terrific examples of his work.

First up, a stunning sunset from his home village:
Secondly a couple of shots from the recent South Devon Railway 40th Anniversary Gala. These shots feature an "auto train" which Bern tells me is "...a steam train capable of being driven from the cab end when going backwards."
Get a load of the reflections he's managed to catch in the "...glorious blast of late Spring sunshine at Dartington Hall at 1845.." last night.

If memory serves from reading Bern's excellent "Steam Around Plymouth", the driver does actually work from a small cab within the passenger coach when the set is working in reverse. If I'm wrong, I'm sure the fount of all railway knowledge will quickly correct me.

Thanks, Bern. Great to hear from you again.

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