Thursday, April 30, 2009

Belated Film Review: The Fall

Way back in the mists of time (last Sunday) Millbrooker Towers' Film Clubbers gathered. we were missing one Slocombe, but otherwise it was a full house for Tarsem Singh's 2008 epic fantasy The Fall. Of necessity, this will be a bit of quickie here goes.The film is gloriously colourful and is filmed in stunning locations (many of which I enjoyed on the basis that I'd been there); cinematic treats don't get much more visually pleasing than this.

The plot revolves around a little girl, Alexandria (Cantinca Untaru) who is confined with a broken arm in a hospital in 1920s Los Angeles. Whilst exploring her surroundings, she befriends an injured and love-sick Hollywood stuntman Roy Walker (Lee Pace). So far, not so promising, you might be thinking.
For reasons of his own, Walker starts to spin a story for Alexandria which is enacted with tongue firmly in cheek as the fantasy element of the film. He weaves characters from hospital life and his career in the movies into a tale of derring do and mysticism as his imaginary heroes quest to do battle with the villainous Governor Odious.The film does have a darker side, away from the fantastic imagery, but having watched something as bleak as Hunger the week before I certainly didn't find any serious drama worth the name. I did, however, think the film was simply delightful and more or less grinned from ear to ear throughout.
The film club scale: Dong took a single fag break in the 99 minute running time; Shazzerooneypoos made no wufflings and enjoyed the film very much; Frankenkeith declined to comment, so I guess he didn't really share my enthusiasm; Mrs The Millbrooker thoroughly enjoyed it. So - utterly silly? Yes. A bit lightweight? Yes, and none the worse for that in my 'umble. For unadulterated child-like (not childish) entertainment I give this one a hearty thumbs up.

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