Thursday, April 30, 2009

St George, another quick note

There has been a bit of a dearth of posting on these pages for a couple of days as Millbrooker Towers has been receiving a state visit from The High Lord of Southwick upon his shiny steed.

We've been so busy entertaining His Highness that I've not even checked my emails since Tuesday morning and thus missed this message from the High Lord himself before he set off from the independent state of Chantry.

"I will be setting off on my journey to your place in the not too distant future, but was just taking a look at your blog. I could not help noting your celebration of the Englishness of the interloper, St. George. He is most certainly not our patron saint, but was foisted upon us by those dastardly Normans. The real, Saxon patron saint was St. Edmund, whose day is November 20th, when you should be celebrating.

There are many churches & cathedrals dedicated to this fine, upstanding saint, although those dreadful, usurping Normans did their best to obliterate this venerable, worthy saint from the record.

So St. George, hissssssssss, is not an English saint, but a French one. The black pudding & wensleydale should be out on November 20th, to celebrate our true, anointed, holy, wonderful, ethereal, traditional patron saint."
'Tis St Edmund in the headline shot - this debate could run and run...

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