Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cornwall County Regulations

I feel it incumbent upon me to share with the good citizenry of Millbrook a couple of highlights contained in a letter and attachment received by Millbrook Parish Council last week.

It's very good to know that the new unitary authority "One Cornwall" is keeping up to date and well abreast of matters vital to the wellbeing of Cornish residents.


Following the formal re-adoption of the bye-laws in relation to the above, we enclose herewith a copy of the same...

...The proprietor, driver or conductor of an omnibus shall not, in any street within the district, feed or allow to be fed any animal harnessed or otherwise attached to the omnibus, except with food contained in a proper bag or container suspended from the head of the animal or from any centre pole of the vehicle...

...The proprietor or driver of an omnibus shall not cause or permit the same to be drawn by more than two animals at any one time, and shall ensure that the two animals are of the same species...

...A driver, conductor or any person travelling on or using an omnibus shall not blow or play upon any horn or other musical instrument or ring any bell."

So there we go - should Millbrook ever get one of these:

we'll know all about how the service should be run.


To be fair to Cornwall Council, Polperro does still have some horse drawn tourist "buses", so it's probably (sadly) not quite as silly as it might first appear. It did provide some light entertainment at last Tuesday's council meeting, though. The original of this is a legal document and can be viewed at the Parish Clerk's office.

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