Friday, April 24, 2009

Dozybean Gets Mucky Outdoors

This is slightly old news for YarMatt, who by now will have grown accustomed to his dozy other half's adventure in muckiness which occurred in the back garden of Millbrooker Towers on Monday and was avidly watched by two gentlemen of a certain age.
Yes, indeed, Dave Mashford and his mate Chris, who were working in Gay's garden next door to our 'umble abode, enjoyed the unexpected spectacle of Dozybean being wrapped in old towelling whilst Mrs The Millbrooker spread muck all over her bonce.Far from this being a cruel and unusual punishment, however, Dozybean had specifically asked that the operation be carried out using a pack of years-old henna which Father Christmas had donated to her in the days when he still called around annually to her room in Millbrook.

Intoeverythingsworth was present to supervise proceedings and Dave Mashford kept popping up over the boundary wall to check how mucky things were getting.And things did get fairly mucky, at least atop Dozybean's noggin.

The delicate procedure was capped with a ceremonial crown of clingfilm; Dave had once again stuck his head over the parapet to witness this regal occasion. I'm not too sure how much actual work he got done that afternoon, with all the entertainment on offer clearly being quite a distraction.

There followed a pleasant interlude of sitting about in the great outdoors, enjoying the spring sunshine whilst the Indian mud on Dozy's head did its job.

And, finally, after much careful washing and rinsing, we got to see the results. Rather fetching, I thought.

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