Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lucy Lowe's Sprogging Activity, an update

A text from Shazzerooneypoos and a comment from Dong have confirmed the news.

Best thing, I reckon is to quote them both:

Firstly, a succinct wee message from a succinct wee Auntie Shazzer: "Charlie arrived 10.25 this morn 6lb all well"

Secondly Dong's comment: "Very efficient my daughter, emailed yesterday saying she expected Charlie to arrive at 10.30 am - turned up at 10.25 weighing 6 pounds, mother and son doing fine, father very relieved.
So welcome to the world Charlie, you've got yourself a great family apart from that smelly old man from Cornwall

Congrats to all from The Daily(ish) Millbrook and, I'm sure, from anyone else who hears the news through these pages.

Rumour has it that Dong and Shazzerooneypoos might be doing an eensy bit of head-wetting this evening in one of the famed hostelries of Millbrook; that could be a fine opportunity for fellow denizens of this part of the world to offer their congratulations in liquid form.

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Up The Conshie said...

thanks for all the welcomes and congratulations; photos of the Young Master can be found here