Friday, May 01, 2009

A Successful State Visit

On the evening of Tuesday last, Millbrooker Towers reverberated to the sound of the arrival of The High Lord of Southwick as he rolled up on his mighty warhorse, which he refers to as his "bike". Despite the obvious fact that it's actually an 80 tonne HGV with a fairing the size of the Isle of Wight.And there the oversized moped remained for the night, the next day and a deal of Thursday morning as The High Lord graciously bestowed his presence upon this 'umble parish.

Wednesday dawned sunny and bright, but as is usual in such state occasions the previous evening had involved much staying up late and discussing important matters, so it was approaching midday and getting cloudier as we set off to give The High Lord a walking tour of his country's closest ally:Our route took us to where the bluebells are giving a cracking show (nearly over, to be sure, but still a lovely sight) on the footpath towards Empacombe.Upon reaching Empacombe, the official tour photographer (Mrs The Millbrooker) decided it was time for the Official Photo Opportunity and we struck a pose that in no way indicates the disparity in the relative size of Southwick residents to that of Millbrookians.Before long, we'd bypassed the Edgcumbe Arms (showing a great fortitude of character in my opinion), and found ourselves indulging in a book buying frenzy at the Mount Edgcumbe Lodge secondhand book shop. We filled a large carrier bag with heavy tomes for collection later* and partook of a wee snackette in The Orangery.The sky was darkening somewhat as we trogged onwards past Lady Emma's Cottage in the coastal woodlands between Cremyll and Kingsand, but a very obliging jay didn't seem too bothered as he hopped about on one of the cottage's roof ridges.
Eventually, the rain gods decided we'd had quite enough dry weather in South East Cornwall and began what turned into a steady wetting which lasted the rest of the day. Waterproofs were quickly donned, and I have no idea why Mrs The Millbrooker felt it necessary to immortalise the moment, but she found something amusing. Apparently.
The evening saw the state banquet take the form of a slap up at the D&C with Russell doing his usual wizardry and supplying yummy fare for all, which the High Lord appreciated hugely judging by his traditionally Southwickian inscrutable expression as he was served with his first course of pea and ham soup.
Thursday morning arrived and it was time to wave goodbye as The High Lord manfully pushed his mammoth machine into a position from which he could actually get his leg over it and remain upright. I thought such an important state occasion deserved videoing, so for any curious onlookers this is what it looks like when a slightly diminutive statesman boards a monstrous piece of riding machinery:

Yep, we had a great time - it was grand to see you High Lord - and we're looking forward to the weekend of the 19th June when Gigspanner will be playing and The High Lord will be visiting once again.


*the later collection of our purchases was achieved by the kind favour of Anne and Steve Creese who are active in The Friends of Mount Edgcumbe and have just delivered our books to Millbrooker Towers this morning. Thank you, Anne and Steve.

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