Friday, April 17, 2009

News From Wiltshire

We Millbrooker Towers residents are looking forward to an impending visit by born-again-biker Chris who has just got his little mitts on a 2003 model BMW R1150RT, this one to be precise:Chris isn't a large gentleman so I do hope his legs reach the ground from his perch atop the magnificent beast.

Anyway, he's anxious to give his new toy a good long run, so the roads from Southwick to Millbrook can expect a copious coating of rubber from his scorching back wheel the week after next.

Meanwhile, Chris has entered the world of international politics, and appears to want yours truly to join the high table as well:

"...Your blog is great. It means that we can keep up with your news.

Most don't keep up with mine - the fact that I've been elected Lord Mayor of Southwick & now sit in the Parliament of the Independent State of Chantry Gardens passes most by.

You see, all those of you without TVs miss these important pieces of news, such as the bitter Civil War that raged across Wiltshire, pitting father against son & mother against daughter, forcing all to take sides, the culmination of which is the uneasy truce, under the terms of which Chantry Gardens now is an independent state.

There is a border guard, with a bicycle, who stamps passports. We ARE NOT going to introduce identity cards, as the three hundred of us that live in this new country feel we don't need them. So no need to go to France, come & live in the Republic of Chantry Gardens & stand for election as our President." perhaps the Parish Council should be welcoming him with appropriate quantities of red carpet. I'll try to raise the issue at next week's meeting.

Here's High Lord Chris with First Lady Gwyn of Southwick in ceremonial garb suited only to those of high office, so us common Millbrookers can recognise him and remember to tug our forelocks in the approved manner should he be sighted bestriding our streets or entering one of our lowly drinking establishments in search of ale and sustenance.Henceforth upon these pages, they shall simply be known as The High Lord and First Lady of Southwick in deference to their new found status.

Looking forward to seeing you, Chris; ride safely - but have fun.

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