Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tony Harris and The Wizzers of Soz

As The Wizzers of Soz is back with us for a while, on holiday from her studies at Southampton, we had an expedition for the first time in ages to the D&C for an evening of jazz with Tony Harris and his band of fine musicians.The band, as always, is a fluid thing insofar as who's turned up and who's stayed at home or is off travelling. Last night had a line up of keyboards, vibes / fiddle, drums, double bass, trumpet and vocals (supplied by "the other Lizzie"). They were joined for the latter part of the session by Dan Hillman on his inimitable sax. That boy can play, and is fully professional in that he has no other visible means of support than tooting on his bent tube . Anyone looking for a saxophonist for sessions should think about contacting us here in Millbrook, Hillman could be your man. He comes complete with rock star hair, too.

Wizzers wasn't planning to exercise her vocal chords, having been a bit poorly over the last few days, but Tony's charm got the better of her in the end. Wrapped up as if the D&C shares its climate with the Antarctic she gave us "Summertime" without a trace of irony and with some flair despite not having sung in public for seven months.

Another great night - Mondays from eight at the D&C; must go more often even when Wizzers isn't with us.

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