Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Day Another Birthday in Bradninch

Mrs The Millbrooker, The Wizzers of Soz and I took a trip on the iron horse to Exeter yesterday from whence YarMatt acted as chauffeur and took us the rest of the way through Devon's winding lanes to Bradninch so we could celebrate (albeit a day or so late) Dozybean's 4th birthday (you know the formula by now...).

First up Dozybean showed us some houses she's been fantasising about moving to; she and YarMatt have decided to return to Smallington Towers in the short term and to move on to where work and whim takes them from there. Which means lots of excited interweb browsing looking for that dream home. Like mother like daughter...After a nice cup of tea and a sit down it was time for a sojourn to the wonderful Castle Hotel where a warm welcome and jolly decent ale awaits any who venture in.

Intoeverythingsworth decided to walk the distance, but seemed to fail in his understanding of the urgency that is always required when heading pubwards in spite of Daddy YarMatt's assistance.

Eventually, though, we made the whole hundred or so yards and found ourselves a table in the window upon which to rest our yummy Betty Stog's Ale and other assorted libations whilst we perused the menu.

At this point we realised that history was about to be made once again and Dozybean selected steak for the first time after seven years of "stupid vegetarianism" (copyright Grandma Elin). Here's the historic moment as she chomps into the first bit of blue rump to wrap itself around her teeth for aeons. Note the Graham Kerr "Galloping Gourmet" look of ecstacy. And if you remember Graham Kerr, you're showing your age.

Pudding was taken in the garden of Diddington Corner in the form of Mivvis and Magnums from the local Spar. Hey - we know how to live it up, you know.

Intoeverythingsworth was very happy to have some Magnum shoved into his face......but looked a bit miffed when it was withdrawn again to allow some space for breathing.Back inside, and The Wizzers of Soz found it all a bit exhausting, so donned her nightcap and without ceremony left the proceedings for a moment or two. Sometimes, being a wicked step-father can be quite rewarding; being low-down and sneaky enough to take photos of one's step-offspring whilst they've gone bobos sort of comes as part of the job description. As the day drew to a close, Intoeverythingsworth decided that he'd like to try his Dragon Lord's hat for size. It might have been a tad large......but was apparently most amusing if then force fed to the Dragon Lord in question. Hmmm.

Time for home came and it was "cheerio" to Dozybean and Intoeverythingsworth as YarMatt once again took up the role of chauffeur and delivered us with minutes to spare to Exeter St David's for the journey homeward.

Happy Birthday, Dozybean. Hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did.

I'll miss The Castle Hotel when The Smallington Towers mob aren't in Bradninch anymore. Ah well, as George Harrison so accurately noted All Things Must Pass. And we've got the wonderful D&C and The 'Ark.

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