Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mr Slocombe's Lonely Film Club Band

As noted just a slight scroll down from here, last Sunday's film club was not a good one in terms of filmic quality. Not to be disheartened by such things as convening a group of people in order to watch a film and then finding the film to be a load of poo, we did the usual film club stuff of drinking plenty of red stuff and talking plenty of nonense.

Somehow, and I forget how, the conversation turned to yours truly mentioning that I'm working very slowly and ponderously towards an open mic slot; bashing away at Mrs The Millbrooker's rather high quality (too good for the likes of me) guitar and giving it some welly on the old vocal chords with my version of Attila the Stockbroker's wonderful anthem "Tyler Smiles". (You can hear one of Attila's original versions here).

One thing led to another and the guitars came out; Slocombe demonstrated his superior skills and I thrashed away a bit...and I've got vague wine soaked memories of agreeing that Mrs The Millbrooker, Slokes and I would have a go at a couple of songs together at an open mic session.

My days of taking performance seriously are long over; gone much the same way as my lovely long, crimped hair and the delicately applied eye-liner from my rock star days with Dol's House, WattJosh, Weird of the Eskimo and Family Fruitbowl (no - you've never heard of any of them, but I had a grand old time). But this might be a lot of fun.

Watch this space. All we need now is to decide on a couple of songs (Tyler Smiles will have to be one), do a bit of practice and stardom awaits. Or something.

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