Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Poster Blitz of Millbrook

Millbrookians might have noticed around the village a preponderance of orangey-yellow posters with a design featuring a bottle opener above a trio of gentlemen of a certain age .

That's because yours truly, Mrs The Millbrooker and The Wizzers of Soz were out and about a couple of days back with a bagful of freshly laminated Gigspanner advertising matter, eager to advise the non-blog-reading public of the impending arrival of Mr Knight and his ludicrously talented colleagues Mssrs Flack and Salsfaaz.

So, who put all those posters up on telegraph poles? Guilty as charged, your honour - and I promise to take them all back down again once the gig's over (or Peter and Debs tell me they've sold out).
A few are now also spread around Torpoint (thank you to Mr Gliddon the butcher and to the fruit and veg shop for accepting them) and Kingsand (thanks to Slocombe for organising).

If you haven't got your tickets yet (apart from those who've ordered through me - yours are on the way) you'll need to get a move on - they're only doing one date in this part of the world this year; a sell out is inevitable.

Visit and follow the links to get your mitts on the sought after rectangles of paper.

June 19th
Maker with Rame Community Hall

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Peter Knight said...

Hey Joshua! What a great guy you are. Thanks so much for all the hard work you put in to help Gigspanner. We do appreciate it hugely. Also, I like the look of the hair colouring session so I've had a chat with the others and we are up for it. A change of image is no bad thing. You might just have to paint Vincent's head.

See you soon Joshua.Love to you and yours. Peter (Knight).