Friday, May 29, 2009


As winners of the award for "Best Quiz Compilers Who Live in Millbrooker Towers" for the last several years in a row, Cousin Dave asked us a while back if we'd let him have use of one of our old hundred-question-quizzes to present at his place of learning.

Being generous of spirit and probably not all that bright we volunteered to present the evening as well.I'd been on early shifts all week and had another to get through the following day, but what the heck; I can pretty much do the dull-as-ditchwater job that keeps the wolf from Millbrooker Towers' door in my sleep and with a hangover.

So, Mrs The Millbrooker and I found ourselves in the Plymouth College of Art and Design canteen. Mrs The Millbrooker controlling her highly efficient scoring system; yours truly in the role of quiz master, firing general knowledge queries at an audience of young twenty-somethings, augmented by a few slightly older bods (thank goodness - our quizzes have been pretty much tailored to an older pub-going generation).Seen above is Cousin Dave participating in the quiz that he organised as a fund raiser for the faculty of applied arts.

The bar got very well frequented by some of the participants and things got quite noisy by the time I was reading out the final round - students, eh?

I'm pleased to say that everyone seemed to be having a grand old time, even if the winning score was a mere 54 out of the 100 available points (which means that the questions just weren't really pitched at the right level for the audience). For the sake of posterity, I should let you know that the lowest score was recorded by a team calling themselves Clun Shuffle (I think that's something rude, but I really don't know for sure - any information gratefully received). They scored 28.

So, Mrs The Millbrooker and I have had a dry run before reclaiming our spot in The 'Ark as quiz setters in residence - for myself, I can't wait; see you there, I hope.

Mark of Friendship

Quiz Night

11th June 8PM

Teams of up to 4, £1 a head.

Cash prize.

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