Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Wendy Comes To Stay

It's been quite a while since Mrs The Millbooker's old mucker Wendy has been to see us in fair Kernow. We've not clapped eyes on the Frome based Peter-Pan-botherer since April 2007, in fact.

I can check stuff like that pretty precisely these days thanks to the joys of the archive pages of this very blog. I note from my entry, made on the day that Wendy left civilization for the darkest corners of Somerset, that this was also a time when Mr The Leaderene was developing his slightly more rotund figure having stopped inhaling tobacco smoke. See - local history as it happens!

Here's one of the few shots we got of Wenders herself as we settled down for a spot of Tony Harris style jazz at the D&C on Monday evening. She's closest to the camera next to Dozybean (who's been enjoying a brief sojourn at Millbrooker Towers). Also in shot: YarMatt and Lester with the band setting up in the background.
Anyway - much like her last visit, Wendy spent lots of time chatting with Mrs The Millbrooker about youthful adventures involving unsuitable young men and what those unsuitable young men are up to now they're in their fifties. Something unsuitable for the most part, I gathered from the general gist of things.

Also much like last time Wenders hit these shores, I had to work most of the time; does she time her visits this way intentionally?

However we did manage the trip to the D&C shown above and a nice pootle around the Mount Edgcumbe gardens on Tuesday afternoon., where I treated Wenders to my incredible gymnastic wee-wee display.
She was most impressed; who wouldn't be? It takes years of patient practice and mess making before you can get this good, you know.

Well, Wenders has now taken the high road back to Frome from whence she came, but she's promised to come back again soon. Especially if there might be a moderately wealthy, single and at least passably handsome gentleman in the vicinity to whom she might be introduced (form an orderly queue, Millbrookian Males with delusions of adequacy, please).

So long, Wenders, safe journey and hope to see you again soon.

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