Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teezy-Weezy Millbrooker Towers

This morning's activities have been almost entirely kitchen based and have featured plenty of ammonia smells and sloppy gooey things; but first up we had to play at putting an elephant's condom on Mrs The Millbrooker's bonce and pulling strands of hair though it with a crochet hook...
...producing that much sought after Coco-The-Clown look:
Have no fear, I am qualified to do this sort of thing having served out my three year apprenticeship back in the days of the wages council at "Just Colin" Hair Salon in Bath. So despite all appearances to the contrary, Mrs The Millbrooker had no need of a safety harness during the operation.

In the minuscule bit of research I've done for this posting, I've found that my old mentor Colin Wyatt (who was/is both more talented and infinitely more dedicated than me) has branched out into film and TV work - his blog is on the link above; he's done some pretty high profile stuff in recent years. Must say, Colin's looking the part as artistic media type these days (see below); always was a bit off-the-wall. Good man, Colin, should you ever read these witterings.
Anyway after a bit of bleaching and then a bit of tinting, Mrs The Millbrooker has emerged from her ordeal under rubber with a softer red glow than she had when she went in. That was the aim and, it seems, that's what we got - haven't lost me touch yet.

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