Monday, June 29, 2009

ID Cards - Yes, I'm Still Banging On...

The regular newsletter from the No2ID people has slithered through cyberspace into my email address.

There's a possibility of at least seriously stalling the introduction of this ridiculous, expensive and intrusive piece of plastic. Read on...

"There have been rumours that the new Home Secretary Alan Johnson is "reviewing the ID card" programme. They have been denied, but there is undoubtedly a change of heart among many back bench Labour MPs. In the last three months several new ones have said openly - against party policy - that the project should be cancelled.

Now they have a chance to show they are serious. There is a chance to halt it, at least temporarily. A delay at this stage should go a long way to killing the scheme.

The Identity Cards Act 2006 was never a complete system. It left vast amounts about the card, and the database, enrolment and enforcement, to be determined in regulations.

The first batch of those regulations has appeared and MPs will be able to vote against them at a debate scheduled for July.

Together they are far longer than the act itself, and there are numerous points of revealing detail and sheer bad drafting which give scope for legal and political attack. If the regulations are not approved by parliament the whole scheme will be stalled.

Please write to your MP now, *particularly if you have a Labour MP* and ask them to vote against the new statutory instruments that would allow the ID scheme to begin.

It is easy to contact your MP via"

Go on, click the link; quite literally all you need to say is

"As a voter in your constituency I ask that you vote against all regulations to introduce ID cards and the National Security Database during the debate(s) scheduled for July.

Thank you, and I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours sincerely,"

There now, didn't that feel good?

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