Monday, June 29, 2009

A Winner is Found

A huge thank you from the heart of Cousin Dave's bottom to everyone who kindly stumped up a pound or two to enter his raffle for the stunningly lovely piece of glass sculpture made with his own stubby little mitts.
The draw has taken place (no, I wasn't there) and I can announce that the terrific and sought after objet d'art will be making its new home in Millbrook. The Plymouth lot won't be getting their hands on it; the kind Gigspanner boys who all entered the raffle won't be able to decorate their Hastings homes with it.

The winner is our very own Shazzerooneypoos (who did buy an awful lot of tickets).
Commiserations to Dorothy (left, above) who also bought shed loads of tickets and would have loved to have won. Another time...

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