Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Long Celebration Volume III

Friday of last week saw the arrival into our part of the world, in chronological order of arrival: BathNick, The High Lord of Southwick and those groovy Gigspanner boys complete with the ever lovely and eternally busy Debs.

The more musically talented of that list being Gigspanner, of course, but all were very very welcome indeed. Here's BathNick enjoying his first pint at The 'Ark in more than a year, eager with anticipation of the musical treats that lay ahead.
After only the one ale we had to return rapidly to Millbrooker Towers to prep a meal for an unknown quantity of people. We knew who would definitely be there, but there was the mystery of whether the Gigspannerers and Debs would make it after setting up, sound checking and all the other things that busy troubadours get up to.

Sadly the travelling players didn't make it in the end, everything got a bit too busy and time ran out. Maybe next time.

But just so they know what they could have eaten...
...and with the food revealed:
Homemade cream of mushroom, garlic and bacon soup; Millbrooker Towers' own recipe bread (generally for use as first course - but any order of consumption would be fine). New potatoes, meatballs in my own spicy tomato sauce and warm salad of spinach, basil, black olives, red onion and feta.

Other than that, Friday was made up entirely of seeing the wonderful Gigspanner at Kingsand and then drinking afterwards and then drinking some more. No names, and no pack drill, but Roger Flack knows how late we stayed up and how much we slurped.

I'm short on time this morning, so the gig itself will have to wait until the next thrilling instalment of these postings. It was, of course, a cracker.

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