Monday, June 08, 2009

A Pair of Tories For S E Cornwall?

Just a wee thought here concerning the up and coming general election, be it this summer, this autumn, next year, whatever.

Most readers will know that the Conservative candidate is to be Millbrook's own Sheryll Murray. I'll refrain from comment, I've been quite rude enough about Mrs Murray in the past; I doubt that anyone's confused about my opinion of Tories as a whole, either. Here's Sheryll looking startled to be posing for one of those cameras that she's always so reluctant to rush in front of.Some of you will know that yours truly will be standing. I'm not a member of any party at all at the moment and haven't actually ever been so, although I did campaign for Labour in the 1990s in Bath for the local elections. I'm quite close to the Greens when it comes to which party is advocating which policies if that's any guidance to potential voters. I'll do lots of publishing in more detail on the issues upon which I'll campaign later, and probably on a different site to this one.

Some of you will also know that Colin Breed (our current Lib Dem MP) is retiring from full time politics at the next election, leaving the way open for Karen Gillard to defend his current 6000 and a bit majority. Here she is looking very relaxed about it.Here's a little bit of "old" news about Ms Gillard that I've only just stumbled across. She's a Tory as well.

Or at least, she was. She campaigned as a Conservative and won a seat on Plymouth City Council in 2000 and then "crossed the floor" a year later to join the Liberal Democrats.

So, it's pretty fair to assume that within very recent memory Ms Gillard agreed with Conservative policies so much that she joined and fought an election for them at a time when the party was actually a lot further to the right than it claims to be now.

I have no idea what her epiphany moment was that caused her arguably treacherous defection, but I'd suggest that her true colour might well be hidden under a yellowy gold facade. She's blue.

Or at least she's on the rightist side of the Lib Dems - expect no favourable voting from her in the House with regard to controlling big business and banking; expect only compromise and middle of the road fence sitting.

So, it would seem that the choice at the moment is between a pair of Tories and me; there might well be an official Green candidate and heaven only knows how many other thoroughly disillusioned-with-the-old-guard independents might stick their heads above the parapet.

The sensible vote therefore will be for me. Don't forget to register to vote - if you're not on the register you can't scribble your X next to anyone's name, let alone mine.

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