Monday, June 08, 2009

South West European Election results

Here are the full results from the European elections, and a list of the people who now have enormous salaries and expense accounts. Here's a challenge: see if you can make it through to the end of the list without scrolling past at the speed of a scalded cat; go slowly enough to read it.

Seats contested: 6

Turnout: 1,549,708

Total Electorate: 3,998,479

Conservative 468,742 votes, 30.2% of votes cast, 3 MEPs elected, an increase of 1 MEP from last time.

UKIP 341,845 votes, 22.1% of votes cast, 2 MEPs elected, no change to number of MEPS from last time.

Liberal Democrats 266,253 votes, 17.2%, 1 MEP elected, no change to number of MEPs from last time.

Green Party (the good guys at present, in my 'umble): 144,179 votes, 9.3%, no one elected but the vote is a 2.1% increase on last time.

Labour (not too popular at the moment, guys): 118,716 votes, 7.7%, no one elected and a 6.8% decrease in share of the vote (he he)

British National Party: 60,889 votes (are there really that many slope-headed morons out there?); 3.9%, no one elected, thank goodness.

Pensioners Party (aah, the Grey Panthers flexing their aching muscles): 37,785 votes, 2.4%.

English Democrat (who they?): 25,313, 1.6%

Christian Party-Christian Peoples Nutcases: 21,329, 1.4%

Mebyon Kernow (remember the Wessex Regionalists?): 14,922, 1%

Socialist Labour Party (dear, dear Arthur): 10,033, 0.6%

No2EU (so why stand in a European election which legitimises the whole thing?): 9,741, 0.6%

Independent - Katie Hopkins (didn't she do well): 8,971, 0.6%

Libertas (why do names like this always worry me?): 7,292, 0.5%
Fair Play Fair Trade Party (sounds as if they've got their hearts in the right place): 7,151, 0.5%
Jury Team (endorsed by Esther Rantzen if that's any help): 5,758, 0.4%
Wai D (no, I have no idea either): 789, 0.1%

Others (there were more, oh yes there were): 149,084, 6.8%

Conservative - 3 SEATS Elected Members:
Giles Chichester
Julie Girling
Ashley Fox

UK Independence Party - 2 SEATS Elected Members
Trevor Colman
William, Earl of Dartmouth (good solid working class stock, then)

Liberal Democrats - 1 SEAT Elected Member
Graham Watson


Firstly, congratulations for getting this far down the posting. Dull wasn't it?

But do you know why I do this?

It's because I get soooo many hits from people searching for election results on Google, or (like happened yesterday) what appears to be from candidates Googling their own names. Nice to have heard from you, George Trubody, if 'twas you.
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