Monday, June 15, 2009

Slocombe and the Millbrookers

Saturday was the inaugural rehearsal day for Slocombe and the Millbrookers, our fair village's newest supergroup.

Almost spot on the appointed moment, Slocombe sidled up to the Millbrooker Towers front door and after a brief tour of the estate for orientation purposes, we hitched the guitars onto our knees and started work on what we'll laughingly call our "set".
Because we were so busy making our fingers hurt through being so unused to playing steel strings for longer than five minutes at a time there is only one photo of this historic event in existence. Luckily, I was the one who took it, so I can share with you Slocombe's early attempt to break into the music business by plinking on the Coolest Instrument on Earth©, which steadfastly refused to stay in tune for more than a couple of plinks and was thus quickly abandoned in favour of more conventional musical machinery.After a couple of hours of repeating the same song incessantly we began to approach adequacy at its three chord chugging and Mrs The Millbrooker joined us to add some harmonies (she's jolly good at that, you know).
A few more hours spent doubled over the guitars and I reckon we'll make it to the "didn't disgrace themselves" standard we're after before summoning up the pluck to take the stage on an open mic night near to here. Watch this space, we will be wanting an audience...

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Rob said...

I said Oi, Josh-you-are .....waddya go n tell the world for?

I'm very shy you know.

But we could be on the verge of something big. Or most likely not.