Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Breton Music: Red Cardell

Mrs The Millbrooker and I are fans of roots and traditional music from just about every corner of the western world (we still haven't quite got to grips with Asian or African stuff - but we'll keep trying, any suggestions for listening are much appreciated).

Since we started visiting Brittany on a frequent basis, needless to say we've tried lots of local music. Some of it sounds quite harsh to the ear; some is delightfully melodic. Some is simply exciting and makes you want to dance.

I feel the need to briefly share a discovery from our last trip: Red Cardell.The three piece blend traditional Breton music with rock, klezmer, dance and heaven only knows how many other influences. They're very well known in Brittany, but we'd never heard of them before. I really do suggest that you give them a go. You can listen to some of their stuff here. The first streaming track "Mescufurus" is a real cracker.

You can get an idea of what they do from this; I defy you to avoid a bit of foot tapping at the least:

Watch this space for more recommendations from the Breton music scene; we heard loads of good stuff this time...

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