Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Holiday Part II: Moor and Bog and More

Day Three saw the Very-Purple-Kitchen-Fairypoos flutter down from on high (well, the first floor room also occupied by Buzzsaw Dong) to indulge in a little light fairy-ing around the kitchen. From this photo, it appears that she'd also magicked up an extra pair of hands from the boob region to help with tidying up. Very clever trick, that.'Ere long the morning chores were complete and the party found itself at the start of the day's circuit: "Landes et Tourbieres" in the Monts d'Arees.

"Landes et Tourbieres" translates as moorland and peat bog. Hmmm - appetising. In this case it's a 14km trek through exactly what it says on the tin. We do this for fun, you know...

After 12km of tramping through the Yeun Elez (that's the name of the peat bog in question) and over the Dartmoorish higher ground, we reached what I proudly proclaimed to everyone to be the highest point in all Brittany next to the Chapelle St Michel. Later, I had to admit that this isn't quite true after I discovered that there's a spot 4 metres higher, but that has a radio mast on it and you can't get there unless you're some sort of engineer or have a pass or something. So the shots above of us believing that we're standing on the highest point in all Brittany are actually of us standing on the highest point in all Brittany that's accessible to Joe Public. An important qualification, I feel.

The views, of course, were worth every drop of sweat and every minor sinking feeling in the Tourbieres (ooh er, Missus).Soon enough, with a certain inevitability, we found ourselves having a little drinky-ette to celebrate our mountain conquering achievements. The bar is in a very pretty little place called Botmeur and with a touch of unseemlyness is named after a bog: "Yeun Elez".It was to be a meal out that night and we headed into Carhaix in the hopes of finding a table at one of our favourite restaurants; sadly 'twas not to be, being a Sunday, and the only place open was a pizzeria. So we had oh-so-very authentic Breton pizzas. Mine was especially authentic as I had a "pizza au curry" (trust me - it's nicer than it sounds, but probably wouldn't make a top 100 list of classic dishes to try before you die).More late night talking of spherical objects and consumption of liquid nectar ensued back at le Bout de Sac, and so another fine day was done.There's more where this came from - are you bored yet?

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