Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Transparent Attempt at Commercialism

Last year I made something like £12.00 in commission from Amazon.co.uk thanks to everyone who kindly bought stuff from Amazon that they would have bought anyway, but they did so through the link on the right. I'm grateful to everyone who did that for me; every little helps.

In a moment of unalloyed and slavering greed I've started an experiment in allowing adverts which are supposedly targeted, according to the individual posting's contents, to appear below each piece of drivel that I put on these pages.
I get a small pittance whenever these adverts are clicked upon, something like two thirds of a farthing per click, I think, assuming I've read the interminable waffle in the "user agreement".
So - if any of the ads that appear look remotely interesting, a click will be much appreciated by yours truly.
I might decide that I simply don't like having ads between the postings and remove the whole shebang in fairly short order, but I am quite interested to see how they match adverts to and "target" the mountains of pure piffle that I pour into the ether.

1 comment:

BathNick said...

Hi, First off - thanks so much for that wonderful weekend - I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Anyway, just thought I'd mention, the space below this item is large and blank - is there something missing or have you dumbfounded their system already? Cheers. BathNick