Thursday, July 09, 2009

Nous Sommes En Vacances (Again)

Ladies and Germs, thank you all for reading the constant stream of arrant nonsense with which I see fit to bombard the internet via these pages.

Mrs The Millbrooker and yours truly are heading off on the ferry tomorrow (that'll be Friday) for a couple of weeks R&R (rest and relaxation), E&D (eating and drinking) and TB (talking bollocks) with D&S (work it out for yourselves) in Brittany.

The Wizzers of Soz will make up the five-some of happy holiday makers, with YarMatt and Dozybean staying home for Bastille Day this year; having a holiday by house-sitting and cat feeding for us at Millbrooker Towers.
We'll be spending some time in here...
...where all sorts of exciting things can occur when Cornwall meets Cotes d'Amor.
And we'll be getting morning supplies from here.
We might go and see this thing.
We might discover lots of new things.
You can see where we're staying at; you can stay there too for a small consideration.
All of which means that this is the last post for a while. When we return here to Blighty, I'm straight into a week of early shifts, so I'll probably get around to writing acres of nonsense about what I did on my holidays sometime on Monday fortnight.

Until revoir, a bientot.

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