Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lucy Lowe Invades Millbrook With Large Entourage

Mrs The Millbrooker and I pottered gently uphill to Shazzerooneypoos' nesting site yesterday to share a few beverages with Dong and parts of his wildly far flung family.

We spotted the preparations for slurping and munching from afar...
...and were soon ensconced and gleefully clutching a glass each and contemplating the wee tray of munchables which included Dong's speciality, the monstrous-guff-inducing butter beans in spicy tomato sauce. Liability isn't allowed anywhere near these in case of causing emergency launching of lifeboats from Looe harbour; possibly Padstow on a particularly fulsome parp.
The place was awash with activity and smaller people; not only Shazzerooneypoos, but some even smaller - although they did have the reasonable excuse of being under five years old. (L-R Mrs The Millbrooker, Shazzerooneypoos clutching Charlie, small person whose name excapes me, Helen, Grace, Katie - Dong's initial sprog).
Lucy Lowe had brought a large entourage to visit thatba*stardherfather, including the youngest of the Dong descendants to date, Charlie and his moderately more mature stablemate Grace.

Along with the offspring came Holmes Chapel's resident professional Scotsman, Dong's son-outlaw of the William Wallace persuasion (who does have the decency to support England in the cricket, so we'll consider him one of ours); seen here with his own Bonny Prince C.Dong was busily organising a barbecue, which Mrs The Millbrooker and I couldn't stay for despite a generous invitation as we were entertaining at Millbrooker Towers and there was lots of cooking for yours truly to be getting on with. So after a jolly couple of hours' chin wagging and gentle beer swilling we all decided to meet up again on Monday for Tony Harris' jazz night at the D&C and then us from the other side of the valley trogged home to do dinner with The Matt on the Cat and his sidekick, The Wizzers of Soz.

Nice to see you all; au revoir until Monday....

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