Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Leaderene's Birthday Outing

Yesterday evening was set aside by many of the Millbrook glitterati who'd received invitations from The Leaderene and Mr B to take to the high seas (ok - Plymouth Sound and the River Tamar) to celebrate her imminent half century.

Transport was available, courtesy of the irrepressible Smiffy of Cremyll Cabs, and we duly turned up on Millbrook Quay for our minibus to Cremyll. Dong and Shazzerooneypoos were already there, and we were joined in very short order by Comb-Over and Liability (out of shot).
Also aboard (and back in Millbrook for only a few days before taking up yet another commission on behalf of Her Maj) we had the oldest serving officer in the Army, Norman and the ever lovely Maggie. Norman's new commission involves something with Winnebagos; though what the army's doing with Winnebagos instead of proper armoured vehicles is anyone's guess. This is them alongside the cricket-mad Phil (in the hat) who was very happy because England were last heard of at The Oval having bowled Australia to a miserable 144 for 9; also because he was about to get a pint.After a swift slurp of ale at The Edgecumbe Arms, we boarded our luxury liner (well, Tamar Cruising's "Plymouth Sound") and grabbed some plum seats on the top deck.

The first part of the voyage was out past The Hoe and to the Barbican to collect the Plymouth dwelling invitees.With the Janners safely aboard, The Leaderene herself made an appearance on the upper decks and did some nice birthday posing along with Mr B for the multitude of cameras.The rest of the outward journey to Calstock was taken up with lots of scenery gazing (it's really very pretty above the Hamoaze) and, unsurprisingly, a fair bit of slurping beer and talking bollocks. It's what we do best.

Here's a small selection of shots to show the scenery sliding past. The first one also features one Ralphie (probably the only person aboard with his name in Who's Who - I'll leave it to you to puzzle over why) as we motor past the Torpoint Ferry...

We got half an hour ashore at Calstock; just enough time for Mrs The Millbrooker to brave the crowds in the Tamar Inn and return bearing a brace of pints brimming with Jail Ale.And for Maggie and Norman to do an eensy bit of exploring. Note enticing business opportunity in the background: The Boot Inn is available for sale to enterprising types who fancy living in Calstock. Also note that The Boot Inn has been closed for at least the best part of a year, to my knowledge.The voyage back down river had some indoor highlights, with The Leaderene doing candle blowing and simultaneously (not to mention sportingly) providing the evening's least flattering photo opportunity.The assembled throng were treated to some acapella entertainment (including, of course, Hippo Birdies To Ewe).More live music followed from Kit, Nick and Steve but I didn't take any photos because we'd plonked ourselves on the rear outside deck to enjoy being close to the water.Many thank yous go to The Leaderene, Mr B (and Rosie) for the invitation and for providing a terrific evening out to celebrate an important milestone; we had a great time. I'm sure that all Daily(ish) Millbrook readers will join me in wishing The Leaderene a very happy of birthday; she gets to celebrate the day itself tomorrow without all of us hangers-on getting in the way - have a great time, TL.

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