Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where's Wally?

Apologies for the few days' hiatus in my usual blethering; during the last ever week of 05:00 starts at work I've simply not felt like writing - call it writer's block, call it lack of muse, call it just-too-bleedin'-tired. Under a new rostering regime starting soon, the earliest start will be an hour later, meaning getting out of bed at 04:45 instead of 03:45 - that extra hour will seem heaven sent.

Anyway to get the ball rolling again, Bern the Lens has been in touch after his trip to the Dawlish Airshow. He's got some cracking photos (of course; we expect, and get, nothing less from the master lensman every time).

First up, in his own words, "Highlight of Dawlish Air Show ... was a first, the Vulcan Bomber flew in formation with the Red Arrows, awesome..."
Secondly, from his vantage point high on the cliffs above Dawlish is Where's Wally challenge. Again, in Bern's own words, "...Count the number of people competition!! The crowds at Dawlish ... for the Dawlish Air Show. Nothing like a bit of human interest. Train is the 1530 Exeter-Newton Abbot relief with 67 025 leading, not many loco hauled trains along here these days."

Thanks for the shots, Bern - glad you enjoyed a good day.

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